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- A holiday resort in the sky!

Peace and tranquility. That is how Motebong Village is often described. A place to really unwind in the Majestic Lesotho Highlands.


Motebong Village - Kaste DamMotebong Village - Kaste Dam & Village


Located on the banks of the Katse Dam, and some 50 Kilometres from Katse Village, is this quiet, simple yet relaxing resort. Motebong Village offers self-catering accommodation for groups, individuals and families who really want to get away from the ‘Rat Race’ and unwind.


At an altitude of approximately 2, 600 metres above sea level, Motebong village is also an ideal spot for those wishing to experience the clean air in the mountains, crisp, clear water and outstanding views. It is also located close to the village of Ha Lejone, where guests will get introduced to the culture of the Basotho, interact with its people and discover Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom.


Motebong VillageMotebong Village - Basotho Culture

The Village is located in a valley surrounded by the beautiful Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. It is however on the north-facing side of these ensuring an abundance of Sunshine, even during what can be a bitterly cold winter time.


Although, snow is rare in the village, the surrounding mountains tops are covered in snow
between May and August
of every year. On occassions, the roads into the valley and the village are impassable and visitors and local community members can be stranded in for a day or two. This is however a pleasant experience and there tend to be adequate supplies for all in both Motebong Village and Ha Lejone.

Motebong Village - Snow covered mountainsMotebong Village - Katse Dam

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